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Rebated Doors Rebated Doors

Rebated Doors

Our door panels can be rebated so they can be used as "double doors".

Rebating doors is a dusty business - why not let us keep the dust in our factory and not on your job site.

32mm thick doors are rebated along one long edge - rebate size 12mm wide x 16mm deep.

Other door thicknesses can be rebated appropriately - 12mm wide x half the thickness of the door.

We keep 32mm MDF Doors in stock already rebated.

2700 x 920 x 32mm

They are trimmed in our panel saw along one long side before rebating.

Price $84 plus GST each.

We can freight all of our products Australia Wide.

We ship Panel Products to the Greater Sydney Area including Wollongong and Newcastle.

Long distance freight for panel products is usually expensive.

Unless your quantity is large (where economies of scale make it more cost effective) we suggest you source your panels locally.

If this is not possible, we are happy to quote.

Please Note - All freight incurs a packing charge.

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