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Polyurethane Polyurethane
Polyurethane Polyurethane


2-Pac Polyurethane is a unique, high-build, rapid curing protective coating that is specifically formulated to enhance the appearance of internal timber surfaces, and to provide maximum protection to bumps and bruises.


Polyurethane Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Panels

Tesrol will supply our products painted in ANY POPULAR BRANDS colours, therefore offering you an UNLIMITED CHOICE OF COLOURS.Tesrol 2-pac painted doors and accessories are recognised by the industry for their premium quality finish.

Their team of highly trained staff ensure that every item painted achieves the highest level of quality possible.
Finishes available are fine Texture, Satin, Semi Gloss or Gloss.


Polyurethane Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Panels - Pricing

There a 5 different Series to pick from in the Poly range, they range from 100 Series (Plain Faced)  to 600 Series (Ornate) so for ease, we have just listed the pricing for the 100 Series.





All our products can be shipped Australia Wide.

We are located in Sydney.

Delivery times vary and can be estimated upon enquiry.

Pricing is dependent on quantity ordered and destination.  

Please Note - All freight incurs a packing charge.




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