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Cabinet Doors Cabinet Doors
Cabinet Doors Cabinet Doors
Cabinet Doors Cabinet Doors
Cabinet Doors Cabinet Doors

Cabinet Doors

Cabinet Doors

Lifetime Industries supplies the following types of Cabinet Doors.

If you know which type of door you require - just click below.  Otherwise please read the "Product Detail" below to help you choose the best type of door for your kitchen.



2-Pac Polyurethane is a unique, high-build, rapid curing protective coating that is specifically formulated to enhance the appearance of internal timber surfaces, and to provide maximum protection to bumps and bruises.

Vacuum Formed Vinyl

Vacuum Formed Vinyl Doors are made by routing moisture-resistant MDF then spraying a heat reactive glue onto a vinyl roll which is then stretched across the door and formed to the shape in a membrane press under a combination of heat and vacuum.
Vacuum Formed Doors are a cost effective alternative to 2 Pack Polyurethane Doors. The finish is slightly softer and therefore less likely to chip.
It is difficult to tell the difference between the two door types just by looking at them.


StyleLite is the superior high gloss acrylic finish for all door, drawer and furniture construction. It is the newest high gloss finish sheet which provides a superior gloss appearance and lustre like that of glass.
It has a unique super hard surface that resists even the harshest treatment.


Polygloss ultra high gloss doors and panels are an affordable solution for that elegant look.  An alternative to 2 pack paint, Polygloss will create beautiful kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and wardrobes. It is also ideal for commercial applications such as offices, reception areas, restaurants, shops and furniture.
POLYGLOSS is manufactured by bonding a 75 micron clear film of polyester onto a decorative melamine surface.  This special technique enhances the colour and provides a high gloss scratch resistant finish delivering a clean and fresh shimmer look to your doors and panels for many years.

Lifetime Industries supplies its own cut to size and edged cabinet doors as well as the Tesrol and Laminex Cabinet Doors.

Our cabinet door range incorporates 6 major different types of doors - Vacuum Formed Vinyl, Polyurethane, Melamine, Polygloss.

Please click on the type of door you are interested in - and you will see detailed information on the doors and pricing

All our products can be shipped Australia Wide.

We are located in Sydney.

Delivery times vary and can be estimated upon enquiry.

Pricing is dependent on quantity ordered and destination.  

Please Note - All freight incurs a packing charge.





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