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Large Roaster

Heatlie Stainless Steel Roasters

are designed for professional caterers, sporting clubs and schools.  They are also suitable for camps and camp sites.  This product is available in an enormous 80kg capacity.  Heatlie Roasters are manufactured to last a lifetime from durable stainless steel.  With no moveable parts to break down during an event, this is the ideal product for caterers.



  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Heats to maximum temp 350C.
  • Gas consumption:- 0.9kg per hour (10 hours cooking from a 9kg gas bottle)
  • An auto push button piezo ignition for easy starting.
  • A flame protection device, which cuts off the gas supply if the flame is accidentally extinguished.
  • Roll top hood for ease of access.
  • No breakable motors
  • The Roaster has removable legs for ease of transport.
  • Burner is able to be removed for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel legs including unique gas bottle holder.
  • Available with LPG for outside use only.
  • Approved by Australian Gas Association
  • 1 year warranty

Click here for Brochure - pdf file


  • Double-up rack – to increase cooking capacity
  • End Tables – attach easily to the sides of the Snappy King for food preparation and serving
  • Bain Marie – Bain Marie base tank which is filled with water, and a full set of 100mm deep Bain Marie pans.
  • Spare burner - recommended for caterers to ensure cooling all year round, with the back up of spare parts during the busy Festive Season.

Pricing inc GST

Roaster R3000SS $4356.00


Click here for Detailed Pricing -  pdf file




Heatlie Roasters can be shipped Australia Wide and to Overseas destinations.
Pricing to Australian Metro destinations is a flat rate of $99 per order inclusive of GST. Other destinations to be quoted.
Delivery times depend on your location and can be estimated on enquiry.
Please fill out the Enquiry form to obtain a formal quotation.

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